Security Access Companies

security access companies

The UK’s Top 5 Security Access Installation Companies

With security being of paramount importance for any business, many companies are looking to move to an access control system to help bolster security in offices, warehouses, and other workplaces.

Check out the top 5 installation companies for access control systems in the UK.

Active Communication Company Ltd


Based in London and the South East, and with clients including Boeing, BP, and DHL, ACCL brings years of industry experience to the installation of comprehensive IP access control systems in commercial buildings.

Swat Security


Specialising in alarms and access control systems in North Yorkshire, Swat has been delivering for clients for over 30 years. 

Delta Communications


Serving the business community of Belfast for over 40 years, Delta Communications is a trusted name in access control systems in Northern Ireland.

Fuse Systems


With offices in Belfast and Edinburgh, Fuse Systems cater to both Northern Ireland and Scotland and provide a high level of service in access control system installation.

A-Team Security


Based in Cardiff, A-Team Security are the go-to firm for access control system solutions in South Wales.