What should start-ups look for in a business current account?

SHOP Q sells no products of its own but instead exists to help the UK’s SMEs make better informed financial product purchases. It’s not a partnership between HM Treasury, the British Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of Small Businesses.

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Business Banking Insight conducted an independent survey of the UK’s business banking accounts, credit cards, loans and other services, asking thousands of small and medium-sized business owners about their business banking experiences – so you can see how they compare.

Financial Planning

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Developing a robust business plan Developing a clear business plan is crucial towards getting finance and enabling your business to grow. The plan should be a living document that takes into account changes in the market as well as the financial situation of your business. More

Business Loan

According to the SME Resilience Index, 59% of UK SMEs think that leaving the EU will make it harder for them to obtain finance in the future.* If you’re likely to be looking for finance, now may well be the time to consider your options. Business Banking Insight will show you online which business loan providers are the most recommended by SMEs in independent research. We don’t sell. We don’t charge. 


Your current business credit card could be providing you with a range of different functions; a means of facilitating staff spending, helping cash flow or even to temporarily finance operations. It might not, however, be the right one for you. New cards can include a range of benefits which may be more suitable for your business such as: improved online access and reporting, cashback, free additional cardholders and 0% on purchases and balances.









The primary goals of business process improvement

Reducing process completion time

Identifying wasted efforts

Improving the quality of work output

Achieving regulatory compliance

Reducing friction in the process

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Remember, for a deal to be worthwhile, you must ensure that you pay the balance off in full at the end of each month. Don’t fall foul of interest charges which can, on some cards, cost your business upwards of 30% APR. Compare credit card providers now

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