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buy men's watches and ladies watches online and save

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Online shops selling children's watches, men's watches and ladies watches. We search out quality shops that offer low prices, online offers and discounts. You will find that you can save pounds shopping online since internet only shops do not have the overheads faced by high street stores and can therefore pass the savings on to you. This is certainly the case when buying men's and ladies designer watches.

" is based in Florence, Italy and this gives us the ability of being constantly up to date regarding the best of the best the Italian market has to offer in the fashion accessory industry. For the past years, we've been establishing strategic partnerships with the most renowned local artisans as well as the internationally recognized firms and their most reputable distributors to bring you a unique and extensive selection at the best possible value.
We at recognized that, aside from the worldwide renowned Italian Designers, which we also offer, Italy has a huge offering coming from small to medium size manufacturers who are on the leading edge for style uniqueness and unmatchable quality. (In case you don't know this, many of such manufacturers are the same ones producing for those famous designers everybody goes crazy for)
We decided the World could not miss all this extraordinary offering and now is positioned in the global market as the #1 Italian Accessories online resource. Most of the product collections we feature on our site are not even available outside of Italy and, in those cases that are, they're sold for significantly higher prices and in much smaller selections. Learn more about our Pricing Policy.
The Product Selection Team is always striving to discover the most unique pieces to offer our refined and exacting clientele at the best possible value.
We've been working in the fashion industry for more than 8 years and by establishing preferential relationships with the big fashion houses we've built the capability to always know in advance what people will ask for. This is to ensure that what you see on our site has been carefully selected to meet the latest fashion trends.
The product selection is constantly growing - come and visit us often for the latest arrivals."
A few examples from their fine watches range (we simply couldn't do this site justice since this is only a small selection (there are many more colour combinations and designs available). Our advice, make a coffee, sit back and enjoy surfing this website!) Guide : To see the watches collection click on the JEWELRY link on their website.

Women's Watches : A few examples from their fine range:-

Men's Watches : A few examples from their fine range:-


"The shop of the Extreme Group and affiliated with the Extreme Sports Channel. We sell the coolest most up to date surf/skate wear available anywhere on or offline.e.
We've searched the world of surf, skate, bmx, etc. to bring the most cutting edge brands from across the globe. We've tried to mix it up between the big brands, that everyone has heard of like Quiksilver and up and comers like Addict.

Cool, trendy, inexpensive, watches.

A small selection of typical examples :-

The Boardshop stocks a wide range of equipment and clothing for surfing, snowboarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing and wakeboarding.
A small selection of typical examples of their range of watches :-
"The UK's leading independent retailers of Swatch Watches. All products supplied by ourselves are the genuine article, supplied by Swatch UK and carry the normal Swatch Watch guarantee. We are official Swatch account holders and do not source our products from outside the UK."
"This Site has been set up to help us clear 'Quality End of Line High Street Watches' at reduced prices, lines are continually being added so add us to your favorites and visit regulary, once a line is sold out, its gone."
watch batteries
Battery House
"Battery House is a convenient way to shop for your batteries. Unlike the high street shops, jewellers and even local supermarket, we can cut our overheads by selling direct, this means that we can pass our savings on to you, the customer."
Battery House
"Almost any battery you need for home use and at prices much less than in the high street. Watch batteries, cordless phone batteries, lithium camera batteries, rechargeable batteries... etc. You can use our quick search facility to find the battery reference you need..."
Small Battery Company
"For all your small battery needs, use us, the Small Battery Company. We are your low price, high quality supplier. Watch batteries, calculator batteries, camera batteries, hearing aid batteries....we hold thousands of batteries in stock for next day shipping to anywhere in the UK and Northern Ireland."
Small Battery Company
Watch Battery UK
"Watch Batteries, Camera Batteries, Cordless Phone Batteries and Watch Straps for Sale in the UK The no frills web site which will allow you to order almost any battery you'll need and have it delivered to your door, post free in the UK."
Watch Battery UK
Adding new Watches shops
Websites selling watches on the internet continue to grow in number and as a result there is a much wider choice of both women's watches and men's watches available to buy online. We will continue to add quality UK watches shops to our directory and especially websites that are aimed exclusively towards retailing quality designer watches at competitive prices. We always visit sites prior to listing them and we look at them closely. We look at how well they are presented and designed, at how easy they are to navigate, how easy it is to place an order and of course whether they offer significant online savings.

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