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Online UK mobile phone shops selling the latest handsets. We search out quality shops that offer low prices, online offers and discounts. You will find that you can save pounds shopping online since internet only retail shops do not have the overheads faced by high street stores and can therefore pass the savings on to you. This is definately the case when buying a mobile phone, you can save pounds on the latest handsets!

"Dial-a-Phone is the UK's No 1 specialist supplier. Established in 1995, we don't have any expensive shops to run, therefore we can provide you with the best deals available on all networks and on the latest range of handsets - direct to your door."
Dial-a-Phone process your order efficiently and speedily and offer next working day delivery.


get a free ringtone of your choice!

Jamster is Europe’s leading provider of mobile entertainment.

"At you can find a huge choice of downloads: polyphonic and monophonic ringtones, real music tones, true tones, java games, colour wallpapers, animated screensavers, colour backgrounds, video, karaoke, colour logos, themes, operator logos, picture messages, SMS and MMS info channels and much more."


"Trading as Mobiles Online, we started our Internet business back in 1995, offering both Orange and One2one (now T-Mobile) packages.

We are an official Direct 3 Specialist Retailer, Orange Approved Direct Dealer and O2 Direct Dealer as well as Authorised T-Mobile and Vodafone Stockists. We do also stock a huge range of SIM free (unconnected) handsets, accessories, hands-free car kits and data products for most mobile phones.
As we hope you will find, we offer superb prices on accessories for almost all phones, and we carry a huge amount in stock - available for immediate despatch. And with our Price Match Guarantee you can order safe in the knowledge that you're getting the best deal on the web."
A few examples :-
Mobiles Online

", a trademark of The Carphone Warehouse Limited, is a well established Direct Response company offering savings in time, hassle and money to its customers."
A small selection:-

"Carphone Warehouse is the largest independent retailer of mobile communications in Europe."
Look out for Sale Offers and Clearance Bargains on their website, you could save pounds if it's the right phone for you.
A small selection:-
The Carphone Warehouse

An excellent range of Pay As You Go handsets. Great prices and free basic delivery offers. Special online prices on selected models where you can pay less than in Comet's stores!

"BT Mobile Home Plan is the new consumer service that allows you to choose your own call plan each month!
BT Mobile has put together some great call plans for you and you can change them every month if you want. You have control of how much you commit to and how little you pay."
BT Mobile

"The Link is the UK's leading mobile communications retailer and sell handsets from O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, 3, & Virgin Mobile. With the biggest choice of the latest handsets on pre pay and contract. Plus all the latest services, accessories and home-phones."
The Link

" are totally independent and connect to all the UK networks. From contract to prepay & accessories this site offers every option possible.
UKPhoneshop operates from one building albeit a large one and passes on this low overhead in the form of very cheap phones compared to the high street prices. Phone prices are often over £100 cheaper than major name retailers."

An very good range of Pay As You Go handsets from all the major networks.
A selection :-

"Our basic aim is to exceed your expectations; we want to provide you with the best product, at the best price, and on the most suitable tariff, and we want you to continue being happy with your purchase for as long as you remain a mobile phone user (i.e. life!)."
Cheap Mobile Phones
"Cheap Mobile Phones connects both prepay and contract to every UK network, and by not having high street levels of overhead our prices are unbeatable. All in stock phones are usually delivered by the next working day via Royal Mail special delivery, why pay high street prices?"
Cheap Mobile Phones
Magicsky Mobiles
"Our independent status means we do not favour one particular network provider over another. We simply provide as many great offerings as we can and provide our customers freedom of choice."
Magicsky Mobiles
Mersey Mobiles
"To help you through the maze that is choosing a mobile phone deal Mersey Mobiles provide an extensive comparison service. Our offers are selected from our database of leading suppliers containing over 10,000 deals. You can compare contract deals from the main UK networks (Orange, T-Mobile, O2 & Vodafone) and a wide range of popular handsets from the leading manufacturers (Nokia, Siemens, Panasonic, Sony, Motorola, Samsung, LG & Sharp)."
Mersey Mobiles
Mobile Phones, Contracts and Accessories. Search by Phone or Search by Tarrif. Accessories.
useful information
Ofcom : Mobile Phone Base Station Database
"The 'Sitefinder' Mobile Phone Base Station Database is a national database of mobile phone base stations and their emissions. The database is managed by the Office Of Communications. Ofcom have produced an information sheet providing background information on the Sitefinder database and how to use the resource.

What information does the database provide?
The database provides information on all operational, cellular radio transmitters in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Indoor sites in public places such as airports and railway stations etc are also included."
Ofcom : Mobile Phone Base Station Database
Adding new Mobile Phones shops
Mobile phone shops on the internet continue to grow in number and as a result there is a much wider choice of handsets available to buy online. We will continue to add quality UK mobile phone shops to our directory and especially websites that sell the latest handsets at competitive prices. We always visit sites prior to listing them and we look at them closely. We look at how well they are presented and designed, at how easy they are to navigate, how easy it is to place an order and of course whether they offer significant online savings.

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